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Some statistics:

While three out of four freshmen expect to earn more than a bachelor's degree, just two out of three of them will make it to second year. After six years, only about half will have their bachelor's degree.

With colleges having an average student to counselor ration of 1,6600:1, who will help you?


Online Group Coaching for College Students

Student Success Club is an online service that pairs students with a caring, professional coach who monitors their progress, makes suggestions, praises them when warranted and holds them accountable for meeting their obligations academically and beyond.

A series of relevant topics are presented then discussed in a cross-country team of other success-driven peers supporting each other publicly and staying in touch between meetings through an active online forum.

Whether or not you have taken or are taking a First Year Experience course, Student Success Club will help you get the most out of your college experience by having a coach and a support team. You can choose to align by major, Greek Life membership, as a mature student, a veteran, an athlete, as someone about to graduate or by none of these things.

For those who need or want more one-on-one coaching time, especially those with added challenges such as athletes, veterans, those balancing career and family life with their studies and others with special needs, our coaches offer hourly and package deals.

You will have access to an incredible and evolving goldmine of information and tools, carefully selected for you, that will aid in your college success.


Program & Sign-up

Get the details on what your membership entails: the course, the platform, the book and getting started. Find out about return on investment, deferred payment, the guarantee and referral fees. And, of course, sign up!

Sources & Resources

A great big helping of the websites, apps, tools and documents that our members enjoy along with a little advice about how to best use them. Go ahead, take a taste and pass it along.

Our Coaches - Your Team

Student Success Club is a process: It's not a book. Your coach and your fellow team members are what makes it so powerful. We'll match you with the right team so you'll love being a member.

Member Area

Invitation sign-in and Members' Clubhouse, this is where members access their team page as well as the program materials, team directory, forum, recorded webinars and the rest of the 'keys to the kingdom.'
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